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To get it right-Customer is King

To get it Customer is King

Great customer satisfaction greatly translates to client loyalty, which in turn brings about corporate growth. To satisfy a client, it is important to fully understand their needs as well as their interactions with the products and services offered through a different lens.

For instance, it is imperative to understand their view on the products and services offered, by studying the gap and then working towards making improvements to suit the customer’s needs.

Jim Rohn, an author and a motivational speaker said, “One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention.” We recently celebrated the international customer service week, which was quite significant in acknowledging the importance of having good customer service.  A customer is very valuable in any business and therefore it is quite important to know how to treat one. Just like the phrase, customer is King, he/she should be treated like a king. Kings in their kingdoms are usually a first priority and they get quite the attention. This goes without saying that businesses are kingdoms where the customers are the kings.

In any business, it is important for business owners and managers to realize that customer retention costs less than new customer acquisition. Practices such as prompt customer service that bridge customers and businesses ought to be refined and improved from time to time. One of the ways to kick start these improvements would be to conduct customer satisfaction surveys so as to know what your customers think of your services. This will in turn help in strategizing on how best to improve on your customer service. Customer satisfaction surveys can become imperative tools for improving businesses and ensuring customers are happy and loyal.

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In the country, a number of Private Sector companies and Government parastatals have embraced the conduct of customer surveys in a bid to gather crucial data needed in improving service delivery. For instance, Kenya Trade Network Agency (KenTrade), a trade facilitation State Agency recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey that involved asking their customers about what they could do as an agency to improve on their customer service efficiency. The feedback revealed the importance of conducting a survey by highlighting common shortcomings that companies have when dealing with their customers as well as the desires most customers have.  This was important in realizing that having happy customers ensures loyalty and retention.

The edge in business is never necessarily being bigger than or more aggressive than your competition, actually, it is by knowing your customer really well. It’s your customers that keep you in business. There are many ways in which companies can show appreciation and commitment towards their customers. Major practices may include; ensuring good interaction/communication, improving on customer experience, having effective and efficient ways of handling complaints and improving on the level of reliability. According to the survey, the customer satisfaction level of KenTrade’s customers has greatly improved from an index of 78.04% to 81.71% in the past year due to the good customer service rendered.

The customer will therefore always be king, however, it is important as a service provider to give advise that is of the best interest to the customer. Kings do not always make the right decisions; once in a while they require guidance and advise from their advisers to show them a different perspective that would be of benefit to them.

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